Our Company Mission

Our Mission & Draw Blood Commitment

Mission Statement

Bearcat Outfitters is committed to providing you a quality hunting experience! Our hope is that all hunters will rededicate themselves to becoming better hunters by being in better physical condition, knowing their equipment and practicing with their weapons to insure ethical and humane harvest of our valuable big game animals.


Bearcat Outfitters is following the “DRAW BLOOD” policy that most Outfitters and Professional Hunters around the world are using. It is the logical and ethical policy that we feel all big game hunters should use. Sometimes what appeared to have been a very well-placed shot doesn’t produce the results we had planned. All of us hate to have this happen. The bottom line is you took a shot and drew blood on an animal, and we’ve made every reasonable effort to recover that animal without success, we considered your hunting license filled. With this policy, it is very important that you know and understand, you make the decision on whether or not to take the shot. If you are not comfortable please don’t take it.