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Stories about the "old timers" from the internet & blogs:

Christopher, ...His lion was mounted and displayed in Rhoades Gun Shop in Stillwater, OK for some number of years in the early 80's and I have no reason to doubt the method used to take it.

Being inexperienced in such matters, if in your situation, I'd plan to hit him hard and often and from some distance that might take him more than about 10 seconds to reach- which sounds exactly like what you've planned.

This same fellow that took the lion, also had a honey- phase Black Bear rug hanging in the same shop and told this story about the bear: 

The bear had been wounded, not sure if by my friend, or his partner- Bobcat Peters, a pretty famous fellow back in those days- but anyway, the bear took off across a swift stream and immediately got held up near the bank, whereupon my friend jumped right in with him and stuck a Super Blackhawk right in the back of his head where the spine goes in and dropped him on the spot.

Bobcat Peters took one look at him and said "you better go sit down" and my friend said that about that time, the realization hit him what he'd just done and he started trembling and shaking so bad that he had to be helped back up to the bank. 

Alan Robertson - June/20/2012 at 22:13

Bearcat Outfitters

Bearcat Outfitters, the Peters family have stood out as longtime hunting contributors, from the lion hunts running hounds, to elk hunters today.

Bearcat Outfitters was started in 1953 by Bob (Bobcat) and Vona Peters. From then until the 1980’s they provided quality hunts for Elk, Mule Deer, Black Bear, Bobcat and Mountain Lion. Bobcat was an avid hound man running hounds for Black Bear, Mountain Lion, and Bobcat in many of the Western States. He was a part of many Mountain Lion studies in conjunction with the Colorado DOW and CU University.

While working 8 years as a predator control officer for the State of Colorado. He acquired his nick name "Bobcat" and set a national record by catching 104 bobcats in a single month. He appeared in two motion pictures about Mountain Lion hunting and traveled with his hounds to Mexico and Honduras in pursuit of jaguar.

From 1980 through 1990 Bobcat and Vona (Bob's wife, who handled the bookkeeping, correspondence with hunters, and providing all the wonderful weight gaining meals.) changed the focus of their business, to providing only quality Elk and Deer Hunts. In 1990, Bobcat and Vona retired, and sold Bearcat Outfitters to their son Seth, the youngest of five children.

Our family's decades of experience and expert staff make Bearcat Outfitters one of the top choices for elk hunting in Colorado.  Seth and his wife Linda operate Bearcat Outfitters with the same goals & ethics that began more than 69 years ago.


One of the many adventures of hunting with the Peters family. By Frank Mainville: Colorado mountain lion hunting is only for the rugged hunter, two Lansing sportsmen learned during a recent hunt in up to hip-deep snow at 8,000 to 10,000 feet. "I didn't realize how rugged it could be walking up to 21 miles a day at that altitude in snow so deep we often couldn't see the big hounds' backs." says Franks, who has hunted most of the world's big game animals.

Lansing Newspaper thumbnail

Franks and Walt Arndt teamed up with "Bobcat" Peters, one of the west's most outstanding guides, who hunts mountain lions with more than 100-pound mongrel hounds. Peters keeps a kennel of 24 dogs.

"The snow was only to our knees when Bobcat put two old dogs and two pups on a track. We had a jeep and a pickup but walked most of the hunt - without snowshoes." Read the rest of the article click thumbnail image...




MASTERS-THESIS: Characteristics of the Mountain Lion Population Near Canon City Colorado

Hunters are among the most ardent conservationists around.

Bob (Bobcat) Peters was an active hunter and conservationist. He was involved in many studies with the US Fish & Wildlife Service.

Theodore Roosevelt, the founder of the National Wildlife Refuge System and a hunter himself. He said, “In a civilized and cultivated country, wild animals only continue to exist at all when preserved by sportsmen,”. “The excellent people who protest against all hunting, and consider sportsmen as enemies of wildlife, are ignorant of the fact that in reality the genuine sportsman is by all odds the most important factor in keeping the larger and more valuable wild creatures from total extermination.”

Department of the Interior officials know it today.

“Hunters are a driving force behind funding many of our nation’s conservation efforts,” a 2017 Interior Department blog said. “After the extinction of the passenger pigeon and the near elimination of the bison and many migratory bird species in the early 1900s, Americans realized the impacts humans could have on wildlife. To ensure that there would be animals to hunt in the future, hunters began to support programs that helped maintain species populations and protected habitat for wildlife.