Elk Hunting University

By CPW on 21/August/2019

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Foundations of Elk Hunting in Colorado

An Introduction to Elk Hunting University

Colorado Parks & Wildlife's (CPW) Hunter Outreach Program, with the assistance of field officers, Huntmasters, and partners from across the state, is pleased to provide an on-line educational program focusing on elk hunting in Colorado. Elk Hunting University (EHU) is designed to provide "how to" information through a series of articles, videos, and other educational tools.

These articles are not written by professional authors, rather by Colorado hunters who want to pass along their skills and knowledge to as many folks as they can. The articles are written in the "voice" of the author—not a polished literary product, not a hunting story to tell of another’s hunt—rather a one-to-one, personal conversation between you and the author.

We hope that you will find EHU as an innovative way to teach you basic elk hunting skills, coach you to develop those skills to a higher level, and mentor you through articles and videos, responding to your questions and sharing with you the experiences of others.

Each of the five chapters has individual lessons, followed by review and videos.





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